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Code of Conduct


The following is a plain language version of the Code of Conduct as found in section 33(2) of the Motor Dealer Act Regulation. Motor dealers and licensees should consult the Regulation, as the wording in the Regulation is the law that is enforced.

Code of Conduct

All registered motor dealers and all persons licensed under the Motor Dealer Act regulations:

    1. Will act with honesty and with integrity in all their activities, including with each other.
    2. Will not discriminate against a person because of the person's: race, colour, ancestry, place of origin (birth), religious beliefs, marital or family status, physical or mental disabilities, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or age (those 19 years or older).
    3. Will ensure they document in a written agreement any oral or written representations that they have made, in respect of a transaction.
    4. Will respond promptly and courteously to consumer inquiries.
    5. Will not make false or misleading representations in respect of a consumer transaction, regarding an amount charged or that is to be charged.
    6. Will not do or say anything to adversely affect the reputation of a motor dealer, a licensee, the Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia or the Registrar of Motor Dealers.
    7. Will not intimidate consumers. Meaning they will not try to make a consumer do something or not do something (such as not filing a complaint with the Vehicle Sales Authority), including by intimidating the consumer. This also means they will not constantly call a consumer if the consumer has asked them to stop.
    8. Will safeguard any records of a consumer that they possess or control.
    9. Will not aid, assist, encourage or cause a person to violate
      • the Motor Dealer Act or any of its regulations,
      • the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act or any of its regulations,
      • a condition of a licensee's licence or a motor dealer's registration,
      • any other law.

Posting this Code of Conduct

A motor dealer, broker-agent and a wholesaler must post this version of the Code of Conduct in a conspicuous place at their business premises.

If you believe a motor dealer or a licensee is not following this Code of Conduct, you should ask to speak to a senior manager or the owner of the business. If they cannot resolve your concerns, you may contact the Consumer Services Department of the Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia to raise your concerns.

Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia
T: 604-575-7255 or toll free 1-877-294-9889