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Ford F-350 for Sale in Langley, BC

Great deals on Ford F-350 trucks in Langley!

If you are on the market for an F-350 truck for sale in Langley, our dealership has plenty of options available. At Norman Motor Group, we offer quality pre-owned cars, SUVs and trucks at an affordable price. One of them is the Ford F-350 currently on sale. You might find a great deal by opting for this specific truck. Here are a few things to consider in your process.

Used means affordable quality at Norman Motor Group!

Serious truckers will clearly consider opting for the Ford F-350, this super duty truck has the Powerstroke diesel engine. It possesses an impressive 440 hp and 860 pound-feet of torque. The powertrain gives the F-350 a remarkable 26,500-pound towing capacity. This truck will be able to lift and carry heavy equipment when needed. It's also a perfect choice for a Sunday afternoon family cruise on the forestry roads of British Columbia.

This heavy-duty truck is currently available in Our Inventory. It might not be there for too long. If you are looking to get a quick deal, we might have options to facilitate this process. Our Quick Approval can easily be done from any devices. Try it today!

All these used models are currently part of our inventory. Our dealership offers quality used cars for sale in Langley in a showroom where professionals are available to help you decide. They are eager to provide you with options that meet your budget.

Our dealership is focused to offer you the best pre-owned vehicles in British Columbia! You can even start looking at our inventory by shopping via our virtual showroom to find used cars, SUVs, and trucks. You can also come visit us in person today! It's our pleasure to meet you.